Preparation of the Process settings Templates which are used for the control of welding machines

Job management

Job is the main management element, which contains the settings for the welding of one seam. You can create new Jobs, as well as edit Jobs prepared on the machines.

Job editor

For the welding of more complex constructions You can also build special Job collections (scenarios):

  • Joint technologies – for welding individual joints, consisting of several passes, and control compliance to the WPS
  • Welded structures – for welding certain types of constructions, consisting of a several Joints on the basis of previously created technologies
  • Welding task groups – for the distribution of tasks designated for the welding of one construction to multiple machines
  • Welding programs – to group tasks related to the weld of different constructions to be performed on a single machine
  • Work Orders – to schedule previously generated welding tasks for executing on a particular machine at a given point in time

Any of you have created templates you can use repeatedly on different machines!