Q.MACS Studio


Control and Quality Management of welding processes

The use of Q.MACS provides you with:

  • the Control of the weld units connected to the local network
  • real-time Monitoring of welding processes from any number of workplaces
  • Ensuring of WPS Compliance
  • preparation of multiple work tasks for manually and robot operated machines
  • Evaluation of welding data and generation of analytical reports

For the solution of these tasks Q.MACS uses various functional modules:

  • Control – to control connected welding machines and real-time monitoring of welding parameters
  • Management – for preparation of weld scenarios and for scheduling of welding tasks, both for manual welding and welding using robots
  • Analysys – to display statistical information based on the stored weld data and analysis of individual welding parameters
  • Reporting – to obtain various analytical reports